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The Tamil Nadu Medical Council is a Statutory Body established under the provisions of the TN Medical Registration Act 1914 (Act IV of 1914). This state body is the Tamil Nadu unit of the Medical Council of India. It does all the works of the Medical Council of India except the Medical Education. It maintains the registry of doctors practising in the state. Apart from the Registry of doctors, the Tamil Nadu Medical Council acts as the disciplinary body for all doctors of modern medicine and imparts, monitors adherence to medical ethics by the medical fraternity. It acts on alleged medical negligence. It awards credit points for CME and insists that all doctors to regularly update their medical knowledge. The Tamil Nadu Medical Council has passed a resolution to make credit points compulsory and start mandatory re-registration every 5 years from 2017.

The Tamil Nadu Medical Council is run by the President assisted by the Vice-President, Executive Committee members and the Registrar. The Tamil Nadu Medical Council has seven elected members from its registered medical practitioners (once in 5 years) and three nominated members by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. The President, Vice-President and Executive Committee members are elected amongst these ten members, by themselves as the TNMC Act.

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